Job Readiness

Job Readiness


Our past work with youths has afforded us the opportunity to experience and analysis the challenges and obstacles that presented themselves as barriers to employment for our youths. We are familiar with their unfathomable desire to achieve a better life. In fact, our overall mission is to restore hope to hopeless youths by embracing, educating and equipping them with the basic life skills and healthy character traits that will prepare them for a fresh start in life. Employers have referred to job readiness soft skills as the most important barrier to employment at any level. 

JOB READINESS TRAINING can empower the students to take control of their lives with the mandatory skills and knowledge in the areas of:

· Professional Attitude

· Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

· Interviewing Skills 

· Dress for Success 

· Task, Planning and Decision Making 

· Peer Mentoring 

· Problem Solving 

· Civil Engagement 

· Self-Esteem Building 

· Anger Management

· Time Management 

· Financial Management 

· Conflict Resolution

· Stress Management

· Critical components of college and career preparation:

 Effective communications written and oral

 Interpersonal Relationships


OADA accomplish the tasks identified by utilizing resources such as e-learning, webinars, internet forums and e-discussion rooms as well as the traditional classroom setting.