Leadership Development

OADA is well aware that not all youths desire a leadership position; however, it is our desire to enable youths with the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective leader in the workplace and community. This program will provide quality professional development and leadership training for youths for future leadership, administrative, and management roles in various types of organizations and institutions. Whether the youths are interested in taking up a leadership role or maybe volunteering in their higher-institution of education or community, this leadership development training will assist the youths with developing the knowledge and skills needed to be highly effective people.  

OADA Leadership Development curriculum is a combination that allows for the participants to learn healthy life characteristics that prepares them for Life. The development tactics employed are gathered from three primary sources that are life transforming; the principles derive from the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Global Dignity and Historic Principles. The course includes modules that teach Dignity, Esteem, Potential, Respect, Self- Control, Self-Esteem and Willpower. Throughout the course we will begin to develop habits that will give participants opportunity to have a roadmap to be successful.