A Fresh Start Awaits

 This program provides quality professional development and leadership training for youths for future leadership, administrative, and management roles in various types of organizations and institutions. The Eagle's Nest is a year round program that allow youth to escape from the elements of peer pressure, bullying, gang activity, and all activities that discourage education and positive lifestyles. The Eagle's Nest allows youth to cultivate civic responsibility & civic engagement and empower youth through offering students an interactive, high-quality, educational learning experience. The issues that the project addresses are the Lack of Education and lack of implicating the skills in life, through this project we help reduce the high school drop-out rate and counteract high crimes rates. The STEAM Component is nucleus of the Eagle's Nest. Digital media productions software, etc.(Digital Media), will prepare the youth to transition into businesses and Institutions of Higher Education. The Eagle's Nest prepare youth to be economically empowered and financial literate through a partnership with Operation Hope. The Eagle's Nest offers youth that have dropped out of school an alternative to criminal activity; through our partnership with The Learning Company we will offer the opportunity for an achievement of a high school diploma or a GED certificate and SAT /ACT preparation. The Eagle's Nest is an intense mentoring program that teaches life & career skills while engaging entrepreneur building skills.

Fly High

The Eagle's Nest